This is my photography blog, although I might stray occasionally!

How I see the world through a camera and other topics

My Blog


My Background

Long time photographer since film days, now mostly digital (Canon and Sony) with some film, including 35mm and medium format when I have time. I also still love black and white images. My main subjects these days are wildlife, especially birds, live music/musicians, transportation, and travel, but I have a wide range of interests which is constantly expanding. I am starting to experiment with studio lighting for portraits, that will be a long term project. I have also gone to digital printing the last couple of years. I also play bass guitar in two different bands. A veterinarian by training although I am not currently in clinical practice. I do work full time in the health field. 

Photography as Communication


Animal behavior, travel, nature, and live music and musicians are what I enjoy photographing the most. I try to communicate emotion and action in my photos.

Sharing Stories

I enjoy sharing some of my images on the web and on social media.  I am also available by contract to photograph live concerts, music events, wildlife, captive animals, vehicles and more.